The cold is the ideal excuse to stay home and do a series marathon or spoon with your better half. However, some prefer the opposite and take advantage of the climate to practice one of the winter sports that they like the most. Adrenaline knows no temperature and in any season you can find the fun outdoors.

As you can deduce, winter sports are activities to practice, taking advantage of snow or ice, both in natural conditions (mountaineering, alpine skiing) and on artificial fields (curling, ice hockey). Many of them are part of the Winter Olympics. So if you like speed and adrenaline, and above all, the cold, don’t stop reading. Find out what there is and encourage yourself to practice them!

10 winter sports that you will love

Of the many winter sports that exist today, we have selected those that you will surely love and that you can practice, if you dare. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete, just get carried away by adrenaline and keep reading. These are 10 of the winter sports that you will love and can practice on cold days.


Skiing consists of sliding down the snow using boards attached to boots. With the poles you help to better perceive the terrain and preserve your balance. It requires the use of a helmet, gloves, goggles and warm clothing, as it is still an extreme sport.

Skiing can be practiced throughout the year in places with snow-capped mountains, such as in some regions of France or Canada . Several of its competition styles are recognized by the International Olympic Committee , such as cross-country skiing , which consists of covering long distances in the shortest time, and the most popular, alpine skiing .

Alpine ski

As its name says, this type of skiing began to be practiced in the Alps. And it is one of the most popular winter sports for competition . It consists of descending in the shortest possible time through the snowy mountains following marked trails and in a timed duration to the hundredths of a second.

Alpine skiing was incorporated into the program of the Olympic Games in 1936 and the tests consist of three days, in which the skiers study and get used to the terrain. They are classified by speed and by technique . In speed there are the Super G Slalom and Downhill ; while the Slalom and the Giant Slalom focus on technique and are practiced on terrain with less slope.

There are also tests that combine these two, where competitors must demonstrate good reflexes, a lot of concentration and optimal physical condition. Would you cheer up?


This practice combines cross-country skiing with target shooting. The race consists of starting with a ski and at certain points along the route, the competitor stops to fire five shots with a rifle  at a fixed target. Skiers must carry the rifle on their back and the style to move is free.

Missed shots are penalized by taking an extra run or adding more time to the race total. It has its variations depending on the type of biathlon event that can be: Individual, Sprint, Pursuit, Relay and Group Start.

Biathlon has the great characteristic of being both an individual and a group practice. If teamwork is your thing, include it in your list of winter sports to practice.


 Also known as Sledding , mushing is a winter sport that consists of driving a vehicle with skis or blades pulled by dogs on a snowy surface for sliding. There is a peculiarity in this snow sport , since the work takes place between humans and dogs, so the bond between the members of the team is made up of fidelity and companionship.

The sleigh has been used as a means of transport for many years, usually in Nordic countries. It is also common to practice it on surfaces with slopes with gravity as the only mode of propulsion, that is, sliding down the hill for fun. Have you ever tried it?

The dogs used for mushing are usually large and strong, of breeds such as the Siberian Husky or the Alaskan Malamute , and are trained from puppies to be comfortable with humans and associate sport with fun. The most used modality is Skijorking , in which only one dog goes, while in most teams, the dogs can be from one to twelve depending on the size of the sled. It may take time to become a musher , but the animal-human bond makes it extra special.


Curling is a winter sport played on an ice rink . It consists of two teams of four players each. The game consists of placing stones in a concentric circle called “house” and filling it with these stones so that the rival team cannot place any of theirs.

Confused? A little. But let’s go easy… The stones are made of granite and have a disc shape , they constantly appear as a characteristic image of curling. Did you know that each one weighs 20kg? There are 8 stones that you have to slide to achieve the goal of placing it in the house .

The teams decide by chance who starts and when throwing the stone, two players direct its displacement with a characteristic brush by sanding or friction of the surface. The match consists of 10 sets that end when each player has thrown two stones.

Curling has been an Olympic sport since 1998 and is practiced mainly in Canada, where it is considered one of the national sports.


Mountaineering or mountaineering is a sports modality that consists of climbing high mountains. This sport was born in the Alps in the 18th century and from there derives the term mountaineering. Since then it has evolved into what it is today.

There are many types of mountaineering such as hiking or mountain biking, as well as its synonyms mountaineering and himalayism. We will focus on ice climbing and cross-country skiing, which are naturally practiced in winter.

Ski touring is between mountaineering and skiing. Basically athletes ascend a slope with the classic ski equipment and then slide down. It is an Olympic discipline recognized only since 2019.

For its part, ice climbing is characterized by the practically vertical surface and the hardness of the ice. To do this, the use of crampons (devices attached to certain boots to prevent slipping) and ice axes (a kind of stick to stick on the ice and fix it to help climb) is characteristic.

In both practices, good physical condition and adequate safety equipment are required to prevent falls and to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Would you dare to ice climb? Take a look at these experiences that are ideal if you like winter adventure:


 You could say that snowboarding is the equivalent of skateboarding or surfing but on snow. It is an extreme winter sport that consists of sliding and doing acrobatics on a snowy and inclined surface. Snowboarding, table neval or table on snow was added to the list of the Winter Olympics in 1998.

This winter sport consists of several modalities, starting with freestyle , which groups the disciplines of half pipe, giant jump and fourth pipe. It focuses especially on acrobatics and the skill of the athlete for jumps and pirouettes with the table is qualified.

There are also freeride or off-piste modalities, parallel slalom, boardercross and mountain snowboard, which is the equivalent of cross-country skiing. In these modalities speed also comes into play as they are more competitive.

Snowboarding is one of the most fun practices to do in winter. Although it is also true that for competition, it requires skill and a great sense of balance.

Ice skating

 This is another of the most famous winter sports. Ice skating can take place on natural or artificial surfaces. The skates are not wheels but blades, at the bottom, and wooden heels.

Ice skating can be speed, figure, or extreme . As its name indicates, speed skating aims to arrive in the shortest time. It can be relay, individual and pursuit; at the same time the tests can be long and short track.

Figure skating has the purpose of showing off showy pirouettes to the rhythm of music in a harmonic and original way. It can be individual, couple and dance and the competitions are divided into a short program of 2:40 minutes and a long program of 4:00 for women and 30 seconds more for men.

While extreme skating also aims to perform and show off acrobatics, but with more similarity to skateboarding or cycling, unlike figure skating, which is closer to classical ballet, only on ice. Which do you like more?


 This extreme sport consists of sliding down an ice slide in the shortest possible time and with the pilot lying face down on a sled, so that the head is forward.

The story goes that the skeleton emerged in Switzerland in the 19th century, where British soldiers assembled a sled in the shape of a human skeleton , which gave rise to its name. Currently the sled is made of steel, measures between 80 and 100 centimeters and has no brakes.

In the competitions, the pilots launch themselves on the sled , whose speed can reach 130 kmph and the ice slide measures up to 1.5 km. The race, which is always individual, is carried out in two sections, obtaining the final mark of the sum of both times. If speed, adrenaline and especially cold are your thing, this is your ideal sport.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another of the most popular winter sports. It is played with two teams of 6 players who skate by pushing a rubber disk called a puck , with a stick (stick ) directly to the goal, which is to put it into the rival goal, very similar to soccer.

Hockey games consist of three times of 20 minutes each and rest intervals of 15 minutes. As it is a contact sport, players must wear all kinds of protection , so that they can easily take control of the puck from the opponent . A curious fact is that hockey courts have rounded corners so that the puck does not get stuck and is stopped.

Ice hockey was born in Canada at the end and is currently enjoying popularity in countries in the southern hemisphere such as the United States, Central Europe and Russia. However, it is in Canada that it is considered another of its national sports. Without a doubt, it is the pioneer country of winter sports, and if you are already excited about hockey, you will love these experiences to stay in Canada and get closer to this great sport. Look!

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